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Criminal Defense – Why We Do This

Every one of our clients is a human being with a story that should be heard.

Some are guilty. Some are innocent.

All of them are people.

Because it matters.

Our criminal justice system is based on adversarial principles, where prosecutors and police work together to investigate and gather evidence, to file charges, and to get convictions in our criminal courts. A good defense attorney can be all that stands between you and a wrongful conviction or heavy-handed penalties.

Because we can make a difference.

The best criminal defense attorneys work to advance their clients’ interests in the criminal justice system while also seeking to effect meaningful change within that system.

  • Challenge the status quo through ethical advocacy in and out of court.
  • Ask questions that prosecutors and police are not willing to ask.
  • Insist on fair procedures in the courtroom that enforce and respect important constitutional rights.
  • Promote restorative justice principles over punishment for the sake of punishment.
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders and professionals to achieve comprehensive solutions.
  • Recognize that the effects of a criminal charge extend beyond the courtroom and case.

Because lives change.

A conviction can change your life. Just being charged with a crime can change your life.

More important, YOU can change your life.

We help clients who are currently facing felony and misdemeanor charges in Utah’s criminal court system. Negotiated resolutions, litigation and motions, jury trials, and criminal appeals all involve complex processes. Our experience in Utah’s criminal courts is key in helping us achieve the results that our clients need.

We also work with clients who have finished probation or served their time, who are now living honorable lives, attending school, working hard, running businesses, providing for their families, and contributing to their communities.

Clearing your criminal record can open doors that have been closed for too long.

We can help.

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