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Utah criminal defense attorney Stephen Howard has successfully defended thousands of serious criminal cases during his career. His track record includes not guilty verdicts and dismissals on charges including aggravated robbery, burglary, white collar crimes, drug charges, forgery, theft, DUI, and many more. If you are facing prosecution in Park City or Summit County, having an experienced and aggressive criminal attorney on your side can be the key to achieving the results you need.

With his extensive experience, Mr. Howard recognizes that each client is unique, and that no two cases are identical. He works personally with each client to develop a case defense strategy tailored to meet that client’s individual needs. Whether you intend to take your case “all the way” or hope to work out a negotiated resolution, Mr. Howard has the skill, knowledge, experience, and determination to handle even the most serious Park City and Summit County criminal defense cases.

Based in Salt Lake City, Mr. Howard offers legal services to clients facing criminal prosecution in Park City, Summit County, and throughout Utah. Contact us today to schedule an initial confidential consultation with Mr. Howard.

Criminal Defense Attorney Profile

Criminal defense attorney Stephen Howard graduated cum laude from Brigham Young University’s J. Reuben Clark Law School. He has been awarded the American College of Trial Lawyers Medal for Excellence in Advocacy, and has been named to the National Order of Barristers.

Mr. Howard began his legal career with the Salt Lake Legal Defender Association, where his skill as a defense attorney allowed him to quickly advance to the Legal Defender Association’s felony trial team. Ultimately becoming a part of the Association’s capital defense team, Mr. Howard acquired more courtroom experience during his first decade of practice than most Utah attorneys will ever see.

Leaving the Legal Defender Association after more than a decade, Mr. Howard focuses his law practice on protecting the rights and interests of the individual. His extensive experience in the field of criminal defense allows him to offer clients in Park City and Summit County real defense solutions.

Criminal Defense Strategy in Park City

The best results in a criminal defense case are most likely when a sound defense strategy is used. Presenting an “aggressive” defense means more than just talking tough. It means conducting a thorough legal and factual analysis of the case, to ensure that legal issues are addressed and facts are understood or appropriately investigated. It means making an accurate assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the case, looking for holes in the prosecutor’s case but also being aware of potential problems in the defense case. It means taking the time necessary to understand the client’s needs and goals.

Some criminal defense cases require a jury trial to achieve the right outcome. Other cases will benefit from filing a motion to suppress, motion to quash, or other appropriate legal motions. Other cases will be best resolved through negotiations. Mr. Howard’s track record of success in defending some of the most serious criminal charges demonstrates that this approach to criminal defense really works.

If you are facing prosecution in Park City or Summit County, Mr. Howard has the experience needed to protect your rights and defend even the most serious criminal charges.

Summit County Courts

Summit County’s only operating courthouse is located in Park City, near the junction of US Highway 40 and Interstate 80. The building houses three different courts: district, juvenile, and justice. Which court will handle your case depends on the nature of the case. Felonies and class A misdemeanors must be prosecuted in the district court. Although the district court has jurisdiction to hear lower-level misdemeanors, many class B and class C misdemeanors are prosecuted in the Summit County Justice Court. Juvenile cases involving people under the age of 18 (and sometimes their parents) are heard in the juvenile court.

Park City Criminal Lawyer – Consequences of Conviction

Even misdemeanor criminal convictions in Utah can carry serious consequences. A single misdemeanor conviction may carry penalties up to a year in jail and nearly $5,000 in fines and surcharges. Felony convictions can lead to many years in prison and many thousands of dollars in fines. In addition to jail, prison time, and financial costs, a criminal conviction can carry other collateral consequences. The status of “convicted felon” can cause a wide variety of problems. But even certain misdemeanor convictions can affect your driver license, professional licensing, rights to carry a firearm, hunting, and many other consequences not directly related to the court case itself.

If you have prior criminal convictions in Utah, even some relatively minor offenses such as shoplifting or DUI can be enhanced to the felony level. A conviction in a new case may cause you to lose eligibility to have an older charge expunged.

No matter what kind of criminal charge you are facing, it is important to have an experienced and aggressive Utah criminal attorney on your side. If you are facing prosecution in Park City or Summit County, Stephen Howard has the experience necessary to protect your rights, and a track record of achieving real results for his clients.

Reasons to Hope

Facing criminal prosecution can be daunting. But there are many ways that an experienced Utah criminal attorney can help you. Taking your case to trial is just one option. Based in Salt Lake City, and serving clients in Park City and Summit County, we can guide you through the process of determining the best strategy for handling your criminal defense.

Being charged with a crime does not automatically mean a conviction will follow. Stephen Howard has successfully achieved dismissals of serious felony charges including child kidnapping, aggravated robbery, drug distribution, burglary, and many more. He has also successfully defended clients facing a wide variety of misdemeanor charges, including marijuana possession, DUI, domestic violence, retail theft, and many more. Although any criminal charge is serious, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help give you reasons to hope.

Finding a Utah Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Case

If you have been charged with a crime in Park City or Summit County, contact us to schedule a confidential consultation. See the difference an experienced criminal lawyer can make for you.