Utah Criminal Defense Lawyers – Better Than Aggressive 

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Utah Criminal Defense Lawyers – Better Than Aggressive 

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Your case is important. So you need more than a sales pitch. You need straight talk from a Utah criminal defense attorney with a record of real results. Stephen Howard has successfully handled thousands of serious felony charges – more than most attorneys will see in their entire careers. His track record includes dismissals or not guilty verdicts on cases including aggravated assault, aggravated robbery, burglary, drug distribution, DUI, fraud, forgery, theft, and more.

Attorneys often claim to be “aggressive.” But just being “aggressive” is not good enough. Most cases will benefit from a more sophisticated approach. If you intend to fight your case all the way, you need a Utah criminal defense attorney who understands the legal complexities that may be involved in your case. If you are looking to resolve your case, diplomacy will often get you farther than aggression. Some cases are best handled with a jury trial. Others will benefit from a strong and experienced negotiator. You need an attorney with the experience to tell the difference.

While he has handled thousands of cases during his career, Stephen Howard still takes each case seriously because he understands that each case is serious to his client. He also understands that each case is unique, and there is no one solution to every case.

Consequences of Conviction

Even “minor” charges can result in serious consequences. In Utah, a single misdemeanor can result in up to 365 days in jail. Felony convictions in Utah can result in many years in prison, along with other consequences that can follow you even after you are released. If you are facing criminal prosecution, you need an experienced Utah criminal defense attorney at your side.

Even if you don’t serve jail time, a Utah criminal conviction can carry other collateral consequences. You can lose your driver’s license, professional licensing, the right to vote, the right to carry a gun or hunt, and more. Having an experienced Utah criminal defense lawyer on your case can help minimize the risk of serious consequences of a Utah criminal conviction.

Attorney Profile – Utah Criminal Defense

During his first decade of practice as a Utah criminal defense attorney, Stephen Howard handled thousands of criminal defense cases – more than most attorneys will see in their entire careers. He began his legal career with the Salt Lake Legal Defender Association, where he quickly advanced to a position on the felony trial team. His skill as a criminal defense attorney earned him a position on the capital defense team. In this capacity, he became one of only a few Utah criminal defense attorneys now in private practice who has successfully avoided the death penalty for a client facing aggravated murder charges.

In private practice, Mr. Howard handles only a few cases at a time. This allows him to devote more attention to individual clients. But the experience he gained early in his career continues to be an invaluable asset to his clients. The representation he offers his clients is based on a depth of experience that is matched by few Utah criminal defense attorneys.

Reasons to Hope – Utah Criminal Defense

While a conviction can result in serious consequences, there are many reasons to hope. Your life is not over just because you have been charged with a crime. The outcome of your case is not set in stone. There are many things that you can do to improve your chances. And there are many ways an experienced Utah criminal defense lawyer can help with your case ā€“ taking the case to trial is just one option.

A Note Regarding Drugs and Substance Abuse

Many criminal cases relate in some way to drug use or substance abuse. Even when the case is not a “drug” case, drugs often play a role. If you, or a person you care about, is facing criminal prosecution and also struggling with a drug or substance abuse problem, it is important to have an attorney who understands how the legal system deals with substance abuse issues.