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Davis County Criminal Defense Lawyer – Results

Criminal defense attorney Stephen Howard has handled more serious felony and misdemeanor cases than most attorneys will see in their entire careers. His track record includes dismissals or not guilty verdicts on cases including aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, drug distribution, drug possession, domestic violence, DUI, forgery, and more. He is one of only a few attorneys now serving Davis County in private practice who has successfully avoided the death penalty for clients facings charges of aggravated murder. He has handled thousands of serious felony and misdemeanor cases for his clients.

Our criminal defense team represents clients in Davis County and throughout Utah. Contact us now to arrange for a confidential initial consultation.

Davis County Criminal Defense – Attorney Philosophy

Any attorney can claim to be “aggressive.” As an experienced criminal defense lawyer serving Davis County, Stephen Howard has learned the difference between an “aggressive” defense and an “effective” defense.

To get real results requires a combination of skill, strategy, and strength. A good attorney knows how to fight hard, and also how to fight smart. After handling thousands of criminal defense cases, Mr. Howard has developed an approach to criminal defense that is designed to get the results his clients need.

Our criminal justice system must do more than just create convictions and impose penalties. Our society should demand a criminal justice system that identifies problems and implements solutions.

Drug and alcohol abuse plays a role in many criminal court cases. Untreated mental health issues can be a contributing factor. Each person’s individual life circumstances must be considered in order for our justice system to be able to find solutions that will benefit victims, defendants, and society as a whole.

“Aggressive” representation has its place. But many cases call for a more sophisticated and sometimes subtle approach. Our criminal defense team works together with our clients to create a defense strategy designed to get the results our clients need.

Davis County Criminal Defense Lawyer – Drug Crimes / DUI / DWI

Our Davis County criminal defense team recognizes that a criminal case involves more than just the legal issues. Drug and alcohol abuse can play a significant role in many criminal cases. Recognizing their role can be a crucial part of identifying the best solution to whatever problems may exist.

Mr. Howard has served previously as defense counsel for a felony drug court program, a position that gave him significant training and experience in the relationship between substance abuse and the legal system. Drug possession, paraphernalia, and DUI / DWI charges all have an obvious connection to alcohol and drugs. But many “non-drug” charges have their roots in the client’s addiction or substance abuse issues.

If substance use, drugs, or addiction are contributing to your legal problems, you need a lawyer who understands more than just the legal system. Mr. Howard’s training and experience can help guide you toward a more lasting solution.

Davis County Criminal Defense Lawyer – Consequences of Conviction

Any criminal conviction carries the potential of serious consequences. Whether you are facing a “minor misdemeanor” or a more serious felony charge, incarceration and other collateral consequences are at stake. Depending on your charges, you could lose your driver’s license, your job, your right to hunt, your right to vote, professional licensing, and more. An effective criminal defense lawyer serving Davis County can give you your best chance of achieving a positive outcome in your case. Learn more.

Davis County Criminal Lawyer – Background

Stephen Howard began his career as a lawyer with the Salt Lake Legal Defender Association. His position as a felony trial attorney put him in court three, four, and even five days each week. As a result, he received more real courtroom experience during his years with the Legal Defender Association than most attorneys will see in their entire careers. Mr. Howard’s skill as a lawyer earned him a position on the capital defense team, where he became one of only a few attorneys now in private practice to have successfully avoid the death penalty for a client charged with aggravated murder.

After representing thousands of clients, Mr. Howard offers Davis County clients a depth of experience that is hard to match. Our criminal defense team serves clients in Davis County, including Farmington, Layton, Bountiful, and all other district courts and justice courts in Utah.