Utah Criminal Defense Team

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Real Experience. Real Results.

A Team-Driven Strategy Achieves Real Results

A person facing criminal prosecution has a constitutional right to be represented by counsel of their own choosing. The process of selecting counsel is often thought of as a question of which attorney to hire. Better results may be obtained when the decision-making process is instead focused on finding the right attorney to lead the criminal defense team.

Our criminal defense team includes seasoned defense attorneys who have defended the most serious crimes on the books in Utah. First-degree aggravated felony cases involving potential life in prison, death penalty cases, complex white collar defense, and many other serious felony and misdemeanor charges are among the many cases our attorneys have successfully defended. Whether you are facing a first-time misdemeanor citation or more serious felony charges, our criminal defense team is ready to help defend your rights.

Criminal Defense in Utah – Team Strategy

Each attorney has extensive experience in the criminal justice system. Each of our attorneys has had significant individual legal victories and success both in court and out of court. But when you our defense team, you get more than just an individual attorney. You get the combined experience of the entire legal team.

Our attorneys take pride in working closely with clients and taking the time needed to understand their individual needs and circumstances. Our attorneys work together in collaboration to develop defense strategy tailored to the facts and legal issues involved in each case and designed to obtain the best results based on each client’s goals. In addition to in-house collaborations, our criminal defense attorneys often collaborate with investigators, treatment programs, and other professionals to work toward a successful outcome.

Experience When It Matters Most

Whether you are facing complex felony charges or a first-time misdemeanor prosecution, presenting a strong defense is vital. The obvious defense strategies do not always make the best defense strategies. It takes experience to understand how to evaluate the legal and factual elements in a case, to assess potential mitigation options and negotiation opportunities, and to develop a sound strategy for presenting legal and factual arguments to both judge and jury.

Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience defending against government prosecutions in Utah’s district courts and justice courts. No matter what charges you may be facing, no matter how serious they may be, our criminal defense team has the experience needed to help you.